Yet another syndicated blog about social media….

…just wanting to get my sea legs with WordPress. Who knows? I may replace by beloved yet limited Google Blogger platform afterall. We shall see. I’ll open this up with a few favorite social media quotes…

  • “I’m totally gonna’ tag you, this is sooo Facebook material.” (F#$!@, please don’t!)
  • “Do you have a group on Facebook?” (Uhh, not a personal one, no. But nittyGriddy does!)
  • “OMG, I’m tweeting what you just said.” (Really? Why? Who’s following you?)
  • “Are you going to the Tweetup on Friday?” (Are you?)
  • “Find me on Foursquare.” (I’d much rather you BBM, SMS or WhatsApp me where you are.)
  • “Check out my MySpace page.” (MySpace what, who?!)
  • “You should really upload our karaoke night on YouTube.” (Do I look like another Justin Bieber wonder to you?)
  • “Is your resume on LinkedIn or do you have to email it to me?” (What’s wrong with email? Are people not using that medium anymore? But actually, yes, part of my resume is on LinkedIn!)
  • “Do you diss people on your blog?” (Another common misconception that all blogs are about people and personal crap! Have you read my blog? Does it look like I talk about my friends’ personal drama(s) on it?)


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