Month: February 2011

Unrequited Love Lives: New Facebook App Helps You Meddle in Others’ Relationships

Online dating is one thing but are online breakups clean or a step too far??

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Hey, all is fair in love and Facebook, right?

If you’re one of the three million Facebook users lamenting the loss of the Breakup Notifier, which was banished from the social site on Wednesday, don’t fret. A new Facebook app has hit the market, and it takes creepy stalking to a whole new level.

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In all its glory, WaitingRoom not only notifies a user when his or her crush finally ditches that loser, but also allows someone to tactfully (and secretly) meddle in existing Facebook relationships without being labeled a home wrecker (that comes later).

It’s simple: You use the app to indicate the friends who you are interested in, which places you in his or her “WaitingRoom.” An e-mail is then sent to that person letting him or her know that someone is secretly hoping to see the demise of their relationship. The kicker is that the whole scheme is kept secret — so the fact that you’ve installed the WaitingRoom app doesn’t appear on your profile or in your friends’ news feeds – and the person you’re desperately waiting for will never know your identity until he or she changes their relationship status to single. After 48 hours on the open market, the person’s WaitingRoom is revealed, nevertheless drudging up feelings of disappointment and regret.



Twitter suffers ‘elevated error rate’

Social networking platform Twitter has suffered intermittent disruptions to its service and what it called an ‘elevated error rate’.

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Social networking platform Twitter suffered intermittent disruptions to its service earlier today due to what it described as an ‘elevated error rate’.

Twitter confirmed the social platform was having stability issues worldwide.

The company’s status blog said users might experience some problems loading and with Twitter clients.

Twitter support said it was aware of the elevated error rates and was taking action.

The disruptions affected RTÉ.ie’s General Election constituency service for a time.

Twitter - Social networking platform suffered an 'elevated error rate'

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