Search’s Social Tie To Reputation And Rankings

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Google last week made a significant change to its ranking algorithm, a move required before continuing to layer social signals of traditional search engine results. The company will need to rid results of less relevant content to serve up the important stuff based on personal preferences. The change will become more important to a company’s reputation and page placement in query rankings. 

Take a look at how Google’s tweaks have begun to influence search rankings, especially on Yahoo’s Associated Content, and Demand Media’s It turns out that Associated Content and Mahalo lost out, but Demand Media improved.

Aaron Wall at SEOBook took numbers generated by Sistrix to create a list of sites (not in the original) that demonstrate traffic gains or losses based on the change. The sites are similar to, which many believe to be a “content farm.”

Fionn Downhill, vice president of strategy at SEO house SyCara and CEO at Elixir Interactive, agrees that the change will produce positive results, but says “more needs to be done algorithmically to control link spam that influences ranking.”




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