3 Important Affiliate Marketing Trends

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Watch this video to learn:
• How a newbie Internet marketer jump started a full-time online career in just 4 months
• Three important online trends for affiliate marketers
• How to build a list while also boosting your bottom line
• Why constantly changing strategies and tactics is bad for business

“I literally made money within the first 10 minutes,” recalls John Lagoudakis of his first ClickBank campaign as an affiliate marketer.

Although now a member of ClickBank’s elite, one of their top 100 affiliates, Lagoudakis first learned about Internet marketing by accident. At the time, he says, “I had a local network marketing business that I wanted to promote online.” While doing online research for that business, Lagoudakis says, “I kept hearing about affiliate marketing.”

Curious to learn more, he purchased an eBook titled Two Minute Profits, which explains how to make money online with Google AdWords, also called Pay-Per-Click or PPC. In August 2007, Lagoudakis joined ClickBank and decided to become an affiliate marketer. “I set a goal for myself that by October I wanted to be able to quit my computer support business” to become a full-time Internet marketer.

Lagoudakis missed that goal, but only by a few months. In January 2008, he closed his offline business and began working from his home in Brisbane, Australia.

Like other successful online marketers, Lagoudakis is keenly aware of how quickly the rules of online success can change—a fact that motivates him to remain current on the most successful strategies of the day.

As an affiliate marketer, he says, “the trend now is toward building your list.” It’s something Lagoudakis has accomplished through his site, MakeMoneyOnlineWithJohn.com. To entice site visitors to enter their email address, he offers free training and eBooks. In that free content, he says, “I show people how I make money online,” while also recommending affiliate products.

It’s a strategy that has enabled him to build a list of nearly 20,000 names—and earn additional income through affiliate product sales.

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