What Are YOU Bringing to the Table?

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  1. Awareness of your mental health – do you have issues you need to work on? Being aware of one’s baggage is a GOOD THING

  1. Ability to filter(your mouth) – can you use restraint and resist the urge to critique? Better yet, can you edit the information you RECEIVE?

  1. Effective Communication skills – yup, we’ve all used it on the resume but do you REALLY know how to communicate effectively? This is not the gift of gab but the ability to communicate your feelings without blaming the other person for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

  1. Ability to LISTEN attentively – this means that you are truly HEARING what the person has to say instead of forming your rebuttal in your head.

  1. Holding and having an UNCONDITIONAL positive regard for the other person – not just when they look hot but all the time

  1. Honesty – not just with the other person but with YOURSELF

  1. Fidelity – nothing more to say about this one

  1. Permission to have differing opinions – a healthy relationship as well a friendships are built on differing opinions; otherwise just talk to yourself in the mirror if you don’t want to hear anything different

  1. Control of your defense mechanisms – dude, everyone really is not out to get you

  1. Confidence – this is confidence goes both ways – confidence in yourself and in your relationship

  1. Ability to stand up for YOUR boundaries and ensure they are respected – this means the ability to take care and nurture YOU without being sorry for doing so.

  1. Ability to be empathic – you may not go through every experience as the other person but having empathy for their situation is key. Having empathy for ALL is a wonderfully human trait

This does not mean that everyone is coming with full plates, some may come to the table with leftovers in doggie bags but coming to the table empty handed is a sure sign that you need to go back to the kitchen!

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