5 Facebook Tips for Bloggers

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Bloggers everywhere utilize social media platforms on a daily basis. We sit in front of our computers geeking out with multiple feeds on applications like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck just to keep track of it all. We’re pretty tech savvy and it’s all because, as a blogger, you have to wear many hats. We’ve developed our already resourceful personalities into a one man assembly line, if you will.

Because of this, linking full circle via social media platforms to spread the word about what you are doing as a fashion blogger is very crucial. Take facebook for example. Are you tapping into all of it’s resources in order to promote your blog? I think facebook (unless it’s your personal page) gets the least bit of TLC. We are oftentimes too worried about tweeting all day long and getting up posts to the point that all that our Facebook walls see is links with the same exact content as our twitter feeds and blog rolls… Now ask yourself, “How is that in the least bit interesting to my readers?” They already go to your blog and they may see your new posts in their news feeds, but are you engaging them any more so then that if that’s all you do on your Facebook wall?

Maybe so, and I know some of you are great at this but just in case your Facebook page for your blog could use a bit more love here are more tips to think about when using this platform to gain more loyal fans. I guarantee it’s more worthwhile then you initially may have thought:

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