The 4 Deadly Sins of Blogging

If you are a blogger ,then the bad news is that you have billions of competitors.The good news is that most of them are not upto mark and they commit these sins.If you dont commit these sins then you can become a better blogger.

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A blogger needs to work hard and keep trying to bring real audience to his/her blog.Do you commit one of these four deadly sins with your content?

1. Selfishness :

This is the main one one the list

This is how making money with blogging works

Your start posting contents,Maybe it solves a problem,maybe it gives a new idea,maybe its refreshing for someone who is having a hell of a day.Maybe it is very much informative. Whatever

You post.And then next day you post again. And the next day you post again

After number of posts ,you make a teriffic offer and you ask something in return from your readers.And some part of your audience will respond.

If what you give is valuable enough, it will attract lots and lots of users.

If you are more about taking than giving ..thatswhy so many get rich quick schemes dont work!!So post good contents for your readers!!


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