Some handy link collection & personal profile sites

There are some really good tools to be found out and about on the net that I use daily. Most are a huge help even in the non-premium (free) mode with even more features and applications available with a small membership fee or suggested donation on the honor system. Here is a presentation with description of each:


  • – There is a growing number of profile style services available which give users one place to link in all of their profile on social networks, blogs, website, social bookmark site and an about me type information. One if the best, in my opinion us DandyID  DandyID is the easiest to set up, because it doesn’t try to do too much. This is a simple service that creates an online profile showing your name, bio, contact information, web links, and your online identities. You can specify your online identity for over 330 social networks, including sites from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Poland. Plus, you can add sites not on its list




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