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A survival guide for startup agencies
By Michael Estrin
Thinking of starting your own shop? Find out what these agencies really learned in their first year of business, and how you can use that information to make your startup succeed.
The new, high-tech way to optimize your ads
By Mark Torrance
Real-time bidding has become a crucial part of display advertising. Find out how to edge out the competition.
7 success strategies for “always on” marketing
By Cameron Bruns
Today’s 24/7 marketplace demands that brands continually re-invent themselves to stay relevant. Consider these tactical moves that will help you keep your customers engaged in the ever-changing marketing game.
Do you “Like” me? Should I care?
By Julie Roehm
This week, I was in LA with the super smart people at iOTX and Ipsos talking about new media, research tools and dashboards with, gasp, actionable insights for CMOs. As a former marketing chief, I can tell you that there are very few CMOs that lack…
How Ready is Your Organization for the New Social Buyer Persona?
By Tony Zambito
Image by daniel_iversen via FlickrAs we continue to experience the evolution of the social age, one thing we can be sure about is the march of progression will pick up its steady beat. The evolution or as some may call it the revolution will…
Will Groupon Survive?
By Daniel Flamberg
Groupon has demonstrated that group discounting can be successfully translated into digital and social memes at scale. To some extend Groupon, Living Social, which recently took in a big investment from Amazon, and its growing ranks of competitors…
The royal wedding was an ace in the social media hole
By Jennifer Marlo
I confess: I am obsessed with the royal wedding and I am not alone.Thank goodness, because I was starting to feel like the only sucker mesmerized by the promise of grotesque spectacle. For days, I’ve been listening to interviews with people who…
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Start-Up Watch COD: Prezi makes engaging presentations that go zoooom
By Jim Nichols
People that know me know that I make an insane number of presentations. Like 2-10 a week. Lemme tell you, I know my .pptx better than anyone. I’m not going to claim that the PowerPoint developers…
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I agree on that frustration will play a role for Facebook email to succeed. As I’ve learned with FB though there will be a subset of users who will flock to this kind of service. So still something to watch.
Scott Scanlon on:
The serious shortcomings of Facebook Messages
1. Top social media platforms for businesses
2. The shortcomings of Facebook “likes”
3. Why DSPs need to open up, or shut up
4. 5 new online media-planning rules
5. The serious shortcomings of Facebook Messages