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10 Ways Your Brand Can Be Meaningful (
Consumers want to feel they’re part of something that makes the world a better place. Marketers who fail to realign their thinking and behavior in the pursuit of meaning will be quickly overtaken by those who do.
In Sum, CMO Moves Reveal New Demands, Required Skills (
During the past six to nine months, we’ve seen a next-generation marketer begin to emerge. Looking at the most recent CMO moves, we can extrapolate some of the ways the role is evolving in the marketplace–particularly at organizations where the emphasis is shifting toward customer insight and relationship building.
MRM & MAM: Marketing Technology’s Dynamic Duo (
Multichannel marketers are harnessing the power of marketing resource and marketing assessment management tools to organize and make sense of their vast stores of complex, interrelated data.
Good Brands Gone Bad (
Prudent leaders prepare for calamity. Whether the crisis is self-created (like BP’s) or a swipe from the blind side (like hair fashion’s effect on Brylcreem), recovery can be elusive.
Digital Marketing In The Next Decade (Adobe Scene7)
Are you keeping up with the online tactics your peers are planning and deploying to grow their business? The fifth annual Adobe Scene7 survey identifies where businesses worldwide are putting their digital marketing dollars and which tactics are working for them.
Coca-Cola Turns A Corner On Classic Marketing Strategy (Business Insider)
In recent years, consumers have become empowered to create their own content about our brands and share it throughout their networks and beyond. As a result, “in addition to ‘consumer impressions,’ we are increasingly tracking ‘consumer expressions,” writes Coca-Cola EVP and CMO Joe Tripodi.
Make ‘Disclosure’ Your 2011 Marketing Buzzword (
Has the golden age of brand marketing communications finally met its match? To earn the public’s trust, it’s crucial that marketers provide transparency and truth regarding the motivating factors of online marketing and social media campaigns, who’s running the show, and what information is being collected.
Marketing To Motivate: The Secret Of Intrinsic Rewards (MarketingProfs)
Today’s social shopper, in all of her forms (consumer, buyer, user, loyal customer), is telling business she’s through with top-down marketing relationships. And the marketer is no longer master of mass consumption. As a result of this seismic shift in influence, marketers are just now learning what management scholars have known about motivation for decades.
Is There A Doctor Online? Marketing In A Regulated Industry (
How far can healthcare practitioners go to promote their services while still respecting regulation–and ethics? The answer doesn’t come easy, and it’s one that continues to evolve as marketers test different best practices and strategies.
Does Social Media Belong In Marketing Or Customer Service? (Social Media Today)
The purpose of marketing is to attract people who need your products and/or services. Marketers are great at identifying opportunities, creating strategies, and measuring results. The purpose of customer service is to deliver on the promise, matching products or services to needs, resolving issues, and making customers feel like they are the most important people in the world.


INSIGHT: Understand Your Customers With Colored Pencils And Cartoons (Harvard Business Publishing)
If you were to say to a customer, “Draw me a picture of Brand X. Imagine Brand X comes to life and is able to think and speak.” It’s amazing what consumers draw, even the ones who are self-conscious about their art skills. The results from these “psychological drawings” can spur new thinking about strategy.
OPINION: In-Game Advertising’s Big New Play (Gamasutra)
Sure, EA wants to sell advertising, but Dave Madden understands the 2005 concept of shoe-horning some miserable retailer’s logo into a mall-shoot-out scene is not the way forward. In fact, new head-honcho at EA’s grandly named Global Marketing Solutions Group has a vision that sounds a lot like good sense.
NEWS: Augmented Reality Goes Beyond Gimmicks (BBC)
The true commercial power of augmented reality lies in its ability to let consumers virtually hold and interact with products that are fully and accurately modelled in the virtual world.
BLOG: Is Search Advertising The Worst Form Of Advertising? (WebProNews)
Search has always been an attractive way to reach people the consumer right as they’re looking to buy, or at least researching a purchase. That’s why search will always be important, even if consumers become less dependent on it for more online activities and information discovery.