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Surprising insights into online shopping patterns
  By Lori Luechtefeld
Online holiday shoppers are timing their purchases to capitalize on retailers’ deepest discounts. Learn more about how consumers choose what, where, and how to buy.
The science behind premium media buys
  By Ronnie Lavi
When it comes to premium buys, critical decisions are still often made based on intuition. Read on to find out what you need to make data-driven decisions.
Facebook codes of conduct for your brand
  By Calum Brannan
It’s essential for brands to have a clear and effective internal strategy for employees on social media. Read ahead to find out what your rules should be.
The Web’s Brand Crisis
  By Doug Weaver
One of the best definitions Ive heard for the term brand is the premium a customer will pay for a product over its generic alternative. Simple, straightforward, measurable. If we apply this standard to our world where theproduct is online…
Using Context for Social Buyer Persona Strategy
  By Tony Zambito
Image via WikipediaWithout context in strategy planning for the new social buyer persona, we are left with a factual approach to identifying target social buyers. We will attain indications on what social buyers are doing. Good evidence of this is…
Holiday planning: Yep, it’s already time
  By Lori Luechtefeld
My father called me last week to discuss my plans for the holidays. I pretty much immediately dismissed the conversation. I find it challenging to plan what I’m going to have for dinner more than an hour in advance. I sure as hell can’t tell you what…
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Start-Up Watch COD: Atmio makes developing mobile landing pages good/fast/cheap
  By Jim Nichols
Weve all heard the expressionGood, fast, cheap. Pick two. The idea of course is that it is impossible to purchase a service that is simultaneously high quality, inexpensive, and ready to go now.Well,…
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Thank you for your post, Mike. I think its great that Chrysler prohibits employees from texting while driving. I also appreciate the clarification regarding the agency employee. 



Jennifer Marlo on:
New lessons from 6 tweets gone wrong
1. The secrets behind successful landing pages
2. New lessons from 6 tweets gone wrong
3. Mobile is dead: 5 marketing trends
4. 6 signs your client isn’t happy
5. Why clicks are the wrong metric
Jonathan Cohen, Founder, YouCast
Samantha Giberga, VP Original Programming, Specific Media
Stephen Zangre, Sales Manager, Facebook

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