iMedia Connection Picks of the Week

The latest trends in social commerce
By Jeff Ragovin
Social commerce is evolving quickly, and consumers are sharing products online more than ever. Here’s how to harness the growing power of this movement.
Social media insights you can glean from online dating sites
By Sterling Raphael
What can social business learn from Read on to gain valuable new insights on social media strategy.
Understanding your customer’s mobile device in 4 steps
By Dakota Sullivan
There is tremendous potential in mobile marketing, but it can also be a path to customer alienation. Learn how brands succeeded with their mobile campaigns, and how you can too.
Maintaining Brand Equity – Is there a moral obligation when engaging with the social media audience?
By Calum Brannan
To establish credibility within the social media sphere, brands need to interact with their audience in a convincing way – identifying and reflecting the tone of the brand accurately. Savvy consumers do not necessarily want to be fed a dull,…
Say “NO” to Social Media GRPs
By Daniel Flamberg
The move to use GRPs (Gross Ratings Points) for measuring social media is a confluence of two corporate agendas rather than a real attempt to give brands a viable/realistic measurement tool.Facebook wants a shot at TV budgets and needs a way in….
Insane in the Membrane – how marketers are using analytics to ‘break the habit’
By Glenn Pingul
As usual, during my familys Sunday night Wii bowling championship, my son decided to call it quits after a few frames. To make it fair, my wife and I decided to bowl his turns left handed, obviously thinking his score would never surpass ours. But…