10 Qualities of a Successful Social Media Manager

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With the Internet changing so often, being a Social Media manager is an interesting proposition. There really is no code to follow about managing a site with a handful of writers posting articles and the community at large chiming in on topics. Fundraising Success Magazine (@frsuccess) introduced some valid key points on the type of qualities needed to be an effective social media manager. The points come from the book “Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits.”

The book offers a whole chapter on the standards to follow for social media managers. Perhaps, you will agree or disagree with these standards. Either way, it is a start for keeping managers human while going viral. I must admit without saying that an effective social media manager is both an art and a skill. Some personalities are more likely to experience success than others while managing and inspiring online writers and communities.

Here are 10 qualities that are needed in order to be a successful social media manager:

1. Has a passion for the topic or cause and for social media — You can hear it in his voice and read it in his tweets. A good social media manager has passion for his topic and enjoys participating in social media.

2. Is friendly, patient and responsive — Social media managers enjoy engaging with and responding to comments on social media sites. They relish discussing ideas and issues online, and they do it with patience and kindness. They are attentive to their communities on an almost daily basis.

3. Is creative and detail-oriented – Willing to be creative is what makes exceptional social media campaigns stand out from the rest. It’s not that they have to have creative juices flowing all the time, but they do something different, which set her site a part from the rest of the sites. Her mind is constantly at work dreaming up new campaigns, and rather than shying away from being different and taking risks, she embraces it.

4. Has experience in online communications — Just because someone is 19 and came of age using Facebook in his personal life does not mean that he can manage and implement your online communities on social media sites successfully. Untrained interns were fine two or three years ago, when the Social Web was still in its infancy and everyone was experimenting. But that era is over. The truth is, in terms of results in social media, you get what you pay for, and if you want the best person for the job, you need someone who has at least a year or two of professional experience in Web 1.0.

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