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Top 10 Stories Enterprise SEO: Why Its Total Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts ( A holistic, enterprise-level SEO approach can help boost the visibility and rankings for a site, but it also can also benefit an organization in many other ways. The Six Cs Of A Customer-Centric Marketing And Sales Pipeline (MarketingProfs) Customers today are actively engaged buyers, so your approach to the sales and marketing pipeline must evolve. Learn six revised stages for implementing and measuring marketing’s contribution to the pipeline. Data Is Overrated (Digiday) The truth is we don’t need more data. The Internet could literally stop now and we’d have plenty. Data allows us to see and count but not necessarily know our audience. What we need is a deeper intuitive understanding of our audiences, and that understanding requires a little more effort. 6 Steps For Breakthrough Multichannel Marketing ( Companies that are successful at integrated marketing are the ones that constantly respond to what customers want, as well as how and where they want it. These steps will put you on the right path. The Open And Shut Case For Content Curation (HiveFire) This free e-book includes a detailed overview of how content curation–the process of finding, organizing, and sharing online content–supports marketing objectives and drives business results. Case Study: Analytics Cures Nonprofit’s Need For Insight (Adobe/ By adopting the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, the American Cancer Society has been able to raise awareness and promote education by delivering engaging content across multiple platforms. No Visibility, No Accountability, No ROI (ClickZ) A recent study says CMOs are not ready to be held accountable for marketing ROI–including Web ROI. Maybe marketers simply have not evolved to match the capabilities available to the true practitioner of Web analytics. Put another way, they’ve been winging it. The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Toward Social Media (Harvard Business Review) Leadership attitudes, and the organizational culture they spawn, are critical to social-media success. They are among a company’s most fundamental social-media assets–or liabilities. Here are the six basic categories those attitudes fall into. Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Automate Your Social Media Marketing (Social Media Today) There are good reasons to automate your social media marketing: covering time zones, creating efficiencies, making time to eat and sleep. But there are even better reasons NOT to automate some things. 10 Marketing Gimmicks Gone Wrong (Business Insurance) From Cartoon Network’s guerrilla marketing campaign that people mistook for a bomb scare, to a Molsen campaign that seemingly encouraged underage drinking, here are 10 marketing stunts that didn’t go according to plan.