Your 5-Step Guide to Surviving a Social Media Mishap | Fox Business

Whether it’s a celebrity Twitter feud Opens a New Window.  or acorporate social media disaster Opens a New Window. , we’ve all seen how online posts can flare up into huge news. But you don’t need to have started aninternational career-ending media storm Opens a New Window.  to have your online presence wreak havoc on your professional life. In fact, the National Labor Relations Board  Opens a New Window. has ruled in recent years that employers can justifiably fire you for comments you make on social media, even if they had nothing to do with work. Meanwhile, a 2015 CareerBuilder survey Opens a New Window.  found that 48% of hiring managers have found something on a potential hire’s social media account (such as inappropriate photos or discriminatory comments) that caused them to pass on that candidate. Yet, though most of us know that terrible tweets and Facebook faux pas can cause trouble, that doesn’t seem to prevent the occasional slip-up. Plus, even if you monitor your activity, friends can quickly unravel your image by tagging you in questionable posts or pictures or leaving less-than-palatable comments on your account.

Source: Your 5-Step Guide to Surviving a Social Media Mishap | Fox Business