ScribbleLive Acquires Visually To Combine Their Content Marketing Tools | TechCrunch

ScribbleLive has acquired Visually for an undisclosed price. Toronto-based ScribbleLive was founded in 2008, starting out as a liveblogging platform and eventually growing to a broader set of tools for content marketing — namely, helping businesses promote themselves with blog posts, videos and more. ScribbleLive’s products are pretty broad, covering everything from using data to predict the types of content that will be successful to finding influencers who can give your content broader reach. However, ScribbleLive CEO Vince Mifsud said that one of the challenges facing customers was simply, “Who’s going to create the content?” — particularly when the company is “resource constrained” and doesn’t have a big enough team to do this on its own. That’s where Visually comes in. Like ScribbleLive, the company has evolved a bit, in this case expanding from an automated infographic tool to a marketplace where businesses can recruit freelancers to create visual content, whether that’s infographics, videos, presentations or e-books. Visually CEO Matt Cooper said Visually will continue to exist as a separate brand and marketplace, but over time, it will be “increasingly connected” with ScribbleLive’s other products.

Source: ScribbleLive Acquires Visually To Combine Their Content Marketing Tools | TechCrunch