SAP Startup Accelerator | Vator Competitions

SAP Startup Focus is looking for a few good startups that have Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence technologies with an enterprise focus. We are the premier global accelerator partner to help drive the adoption of your solution with SAP customers. During a 3-12 month acceleration period, startups develop their technologies on SAP HANA with the direct help of solution architects and commercialize these technologies with SAP customers with our go-to-market team. Accelerate in the enterprise in 2016: join SAP Startup Focus and scale your technology and build repute with SAP customers.   Benefits at a Glance   $55K of SAP technology- free. SAP HANA (SAP’s in-memory, column oriented platform) brings your technology to the next level and makes you a sure bet for SAP customers already using HANA. Receive up to $15,000 in AWS credit, access to exclusive training, and personal technical support along your journey.

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