7 ways for your business to shine in Twitter timelines | Twitter Blogs

With so much incredible content on Twitter, businesses are always seeking new ways to get noticed. We recently announced an improved timeline to make it easier for people on Twitter to discover great content and for businesses to catch their attention. The new timeline option helps people see Tweets that are important to them — from their favorite athletes, musicians, politicians, or brands. Upon opening Twitter, the Tweets they’re most likely to care about from the accounts they follow will appear at the top of the timeline. The rest of the Tweets will then be displayed directly underneath in reverse chronological order, like always. And this change doesn’t affect any ads you run on Twitter — they display in the same way. The best way for small and medium-sized businesses to stand out on Twitter has always been to produce sparkling content. That’s as true now as ever. Read on for seven of our best practices for devising effective Twitter content. Define the voice of your business To be heard in the noisy environment of social media, it’s crucial to have a clear voice that channels your business’s personality. For example, is your business inspiring, playful, or a serious authority? Use language and tone that conveys the key attributes of your business. Woot.com, which offers new retail deals every day, has a distinctive brand voice. The brand’s fun personality comes across strongly on Twitter, in both standalone Tweets and in product captions on Website Cards.

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