Being Your Brand: Why Social Media Matters

UntitledThe Internet is a strange and totally weird place, where people pretend to be things they aren’t, or worse, allow who they pretend to be on the Internet to actually affect who they are in real life. But it’s not like we shouldn’t have seen this coming — do you remember chat rooms? You know, those little dark corners of the Internet where people went just to be someone else? And it was exciting–people loved the anonymity of it all. And then chatrooms grew into online forums, which grew into websites like 4chan, and then they gave way to games like the Sims, where people create entire lives based around their own personal fantasies… Man, the Internet is crazy. So when social media became a thing, we all should have seen where things were going. On one end of the spectrum, we hoped maybe MySpace would force people to maintain some semblance of transparency between who they were on the Internet and who they were in real life. And on the other end of the spectrum, there were those who predicted that social media would be the beginning of something super weird, and people would just kind of transform into weird and ridiculous caricatures of their former selves.

Source: Being Your Brand: Why Social Media Matters