Instagram Moves Fast And Breaks Things – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha

instagramMark Zuckerberg once declared Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has a “Move Fast and Break Things” development philosophy. The idea being that Facebook has to be willing to move quickly to build and change its products – even if the new offerings are imperfect at first – rather than miss opportunities by moving too slowly. Zuck changed this motto in 2014 to “Move fast with stable infrastructure” to account for Facebook’s growth and the ripple effects bugs can have on its platform, but his company’s willingness to make big changes to its core products, regardless of how successful they’ve been, remains intact. Facebook’s recent willingness to replace its traditional Like button in favor of a Reactions feature containing six options (with Like being one of them) is an example, as was its 2014 decision to remove messaging from its core apps. And the same holds for two major changes recently unveiled by Instagram.

Source: Instagram Moves Fast And Breaks Things – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha