Founder Dating To Discontinue Founding Team Feature

cofounder_wantedThis just in from Founder Dating CEO Jessica Alter regarding the discontinuence of the Founding Team feature on their site:

We have some news regarding FoundingTeams network on FounderDating. Our friends at LinkedIn have asked that we take down the Founding Teams network. So, we’re retiring that area of the site in order to protect the rest of the user experience for FounderDating members. Starting Tuesday 5/31 you will no longer be able to see early stage companies looking for Founding Team members nor them you. Access to the rest of the site and functionality, including the private Cofounder Network, will remain the same. You do not need to do or change anything we just wanted to let you know. If you have Founding Teams to connect with or respond to, please do so before then or just login to see what else is going on with the community.

The founding team feature was a rather new feature but a good one that I used several times to connect with new startup teams. I don’t know what the connection is between LinkedIn and Founder Dating or why LinkedIn would object to this feature unless they have something similar in the works. Alternative sites where you have similar functionality would include Cofounder’s Lab and