The Role Of Organic Social Media In A Paid Media World

Here’s a frightening statistic: Only about 4% of your Facebook followers are seeing your brand’s organic posts. While social media may have offered free and potentially limitless access to your audience just a few years ago, today’s social marketing is little more than a pay-to-play environment.

When we get down to brass tacks, I think we can all agree that paid social is both effective and essential for brands using social media marketing. However, organic social still has a critical role to play. But before we get into the ways organic social media can benefit your brand, you should know that when it comes to platform, one size does not fit all.

An example I often see is when clients routinely post identical content to their social mainstays, expecting this approach to be effective, but never really using a strategy that accounts for the specifics of each social platform. After all, every platform serves a unique purpose and has distinct demographics, meaning the content being shared on places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be tailored to each platform.

Now having laid a foundation for a basic social media approach, let’s take a more advanced look at the value of using organic social media to your brand’s advantage.

Source: The Role Of Organic Social Media In A Paid Media World